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Patient Services: What We Provide

Prescriptions Drug

Less Wait Time

Come and fill your prescriptions you at Trucare pharmacy. Our knowledgeable and experienced pharmacists will prepare the medications you need and answer any related questions or concerns on your mind. Looking for a specific brand? No problem, we are willing to contact different wholesaler to find you the one works best for you. 



Compound Drug Services

What You Need

Adding a flavor to your baby's antibiotic or having trouble swallowing medications? Please contact us directly for your inquires. This is available for any customers that need it, so please give us a call if this sounds like a helpful option. We’ll be happy to tell you how we’re managing to provide this service while maintaining our competitive prices and exceptional offerings.

Buying Medication


The Service You’re Looking for

Explore our pharmacist-selected, professional quality nutritional supplements to help you lead a happy, health life. We offer different nutritional consultations and testing services based on your needs. Our selected CBD products have multiple FDA authorized researches with clinical significant results. Stop by Trucare Pharmacy, and let’s talk about the nutrition topics you are interested in.



We’ll Take Care of It

Vaccinations are an essential way to protect you and your family from serious illnesses. We have always aimed to create a high standard of health for our community’s families, which is why we have access to some of the most sought after vaccines with trained professionals specifically dedicated to administering and answering any questions you have. All of our vaccines are available upon request.

Female Assistance


The Service You’re Looking for

Tired of running errands while taking care of your family? Trucare pharmacy is here to help. We offer next day local delivery. As well as remote consultation services while the medication is delivered to your doorstep.

Assisting a Customer

TELE Virtual Health

Treat - Med - GO

Running out of refills? Needs acute illness treatment? Trucare Pharmacy collaborate with virtual provider Helix VM to ease your medical visit access. No more 2 hours waiting time at the urgent care. Access here:

在线医生问诊服务 是trucare 华人药房为了方便病人,尤其是华人的即时医疗服务。不能适应美国繁琐的看病程序亦或者是2个小时在急诊外的等待时间,在国内的处方药马上就要吃完了?trucare 药房为您解决这些问题。 我们的在线医生为您提供更快捷的服务,与此同时药房可以在看诊后立刻把所需处方药准备好--真正做到了一站式医药服务。地址:


Diabetes Shop

Offer Blood Sugar Testing Service

Living with Diabetes requires many changes in your lifestyle. With education and the right tools, you can take control your life. We have a dedicated diabetes department to help. Sugar-free cough-and-cold medications, glucometer strips, shoes, glucose tablets, and free diabetes educational materials are all available.

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
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