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Pharmacist Checking Medicine


Pharmacist In Charge

Experienced, trustworthy, knowledgeable. These are just a few of the ways colleagues describe Steven Hsu. Steven is born and raised in OC, obtained his doctorate of pharmacy degree from Midwestern University Chicago. He speaks fluently in English and Chinese. With years of experience as a pharmacist, he will be the go-to person for any medication related questions or concerns you may have. Needing help selecting your supplements, ordering specific OTC items, or having trouble enrolling insurances? Steven is here to help the community!


Chief Happiness Officer

He is definitely the most popular team member. Samba, our Chief Happiness Officer, he is also our veterinary compounding ambassador. He loves making friends and posing in front of camera. He likes to go for a walk during his leisure time. If you would like to meet Simba, please contact us, he would love to talk to you about our pharmacy services.

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